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community charter

A first draft of the community charter is now on the userinfo page. It is quoted in full below, for ease of commenting.

Yet another community about books. What distinguishes this community from the other book communities? Well, hopefully:

* It will focus on history, non-fiction, and classic works that form the foundation of the great civilizations. Science fiction, popular non-fiction, and even the majority of what is called literature is not appropriate for this community. Do not get me wrong, literature is great, but there are many communities already dedicated to it, such as booktards, books, booksnob, and whatchareading. If you'd like to talk literature, please join one and help these communities thrive.

* It will be multidisciplinary. There are some great discipline specific communities, such as anthropologist, _humanities, anthro_students, and historystudents, but I have found few for dilettanti like myself. If your interests are broad (even though your knowledge may not be that deep) and you love to learn, please join this community and share your thoughts.

* It will be civil. The tone should be like a college or graduate level symposium, respectful of all others pursuing truth and knowledge. If need be, the content of this community will be moderated to weed out overtly hostile, sarcastic, opportunistic, or political posts. If you would not do it in a college classroom, please do not to it here: there are plenty of other places on the internet to vent your spleen.

oxhead: you'll noticed that I changed my mind on including literature (20th century or otherwise). There are so many other literary communities, both active and defunct, that it didn't seem to make sense to focus on it. I do not intend to be authoritarian, however, and if literature ends up being the focus, so be it.

Comments, corrections, and modifications are welcome.
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