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An article for consideration

Will American pop culture outlast the great thinkers of antiquity? Personally, I see no reason why the Monkees should not last as long as Plato. Here is a Christian Science Monitor article.

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Will American pop culture outlast the great thinkers of antiquity?

Dear God, I hope not. But given what a marginal character JC was in his day, I've often wondered whether 2000 years from now some equally marginal character will dominate world culture. The Gospel According to John Tesh or something equally frightening.

I usually find CS Monitor pieces to be very well researched and thought through, but this one seemed awfully superficial. He points to all of these changes being signs of American cultural imperialism without mentioning that Murdoch is an Aussie living in England, that the WWW was created in Switzerland, Yahoo by an Asian graduate student at Stanford, and Google by... (one guy is a Russian, the other? I forget...), that some of the biggest names in Hollywood (John Woo, Roman Polanski, Arnold Schwarzenegger) aren't from America, and that Americans have more access to international news than ever before. I know I read the BBC, Le Monde, Arab News, and Al Jazerra during the Iraq war. I realize not all Americans did this, but I don't think I could have read such a diverse set of sources during the previous gulf war.

Technology has fundamentally changed communication, it is true, and much of this technology is American invented or made. And their are certain media (such as film) in which the cost of development and distribution has gotten so high that a few corporations dominate. But this isn't a problem that can be totally blamed on America. Even if Time Warner and Disney disappeared, Vivendi or some other company would fill the gap.
I do agree with the article's premise, but I find it somewhat facile or rather, old news.

But the thought of John Tesh as the new messiah scares me. God, I hope our descendants are smarter than that. Maybe the Judeans of 2,000 years ago prayed for the same kind
...of thing.

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