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Oxhead, a.k.a. Bucephalus

In the beginning...

Thanks for the new community, Corny.

I suppose discussion of perhaps the greatest book in the English Language would be appropriate. Apparently, the King James Bible is four centuries old today (or thereabouts, given Western civilization's vagarious calendrical habits.)
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I've read portions of the KJB, but truthfully I've never read anything on the KJB. Didn't you read a book about it in 2003? What was it again? And how was it?
God's Secretaries by Adam Nicholson. It was an easy read...Doh! Sorry. What I meant to say was, I found it very interesting and I learned quite a few things in reading it.

I lent it to a friend of mine (a Catholic priest who teaches Bible history at a D.C. seminary) and he enjoyed it as well, which I suppose the author would consider an imprimatur.